7 Reasons Why I Love to Run

  1. It clears my head.​ When I go out for a run, whatever my attitude is going into it, I feel 100 times
    better afterwards, every time.
  2. Running keeps you healthy. ​ It builds bone mineral density and lean muscle. It also improves your cardiovascular fitness.
  3. Running allows me to see my favorite city in a new way. ​ There is something about soaking in the city’s personality when you are out for a run. Whether running through Chicago’s unique neighborhoods or along the lakefront, I see something new every time, even if I take the same route.
  4. Running boosts my energy​. Even when I have gotten less than an optimal amount of sleep, I have more energy after going out for a run. It rejuvenates me.
  5. Running makes me feel strong, both mentally and physically. ​ In addition to improving my health, taking care of myself gives me mental fortitude. I feel like I can conquer any challenge.
  6. I am a part of an incredible community. ​Chicago runners are a friendly, inclusive crew and when you are a runner, new or veteran, you are automatically inducted into their community. You can always count on the nod, smile, or acknowledgment that makes you feel accepted and motivated.
  7. It is a low maintenance workout.​ Because there is no gym membership, expensive equipment, or schedule to adhere to, there are no excuses. It is an easy habit to have – and I love that!

Are you a runner? What motivates you to get out there?

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