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Studies Confirm Exercise Protects Your Back from Injury

West Town PT Sarah Weidman back pain

Hesitant to start working out because you’re afraid of hurting yourself? Don’t let fear keep you from your health and fitness goals. A recent article in the JAMA Internal Medicine looked at 23 studies that included more than 30,000 participants. Their goal was to review the effectiveness of tools such as shoe inserts and back […]

5 Tips to Safely Add Kettlebells to Your Workout Routine

West Town Physical Therapy Kettlebells

Across the city, kettlebells workouts have become the latest craze. These workouts can be an effective tool to build strength, but your form is incredibly important to avoid injury. We asked Ted Fournier, a Personal Trainer (NPTI-CPT) at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness, to provide his expertise about how to safely implement kettlebells into your workout. […]